You might be wondering why on earth someone with chronic pain would opt for a school bus over an RV. RVs are built for comfort and convenience. After all, they have to be appealing to those who would rather be home. So why go the not-so-easy route? The fun reason is that we like being original; we enjoy being different. The actual reason is that you have to be creative when you’re trying to travel with kids and dogs (one of which was a Mastiff). We looked at tents that go on top of the truck, teardrops, and a variety of other more unique options. We likely would have ended up with one of them had a short bus not popped up locally. We could turn it into anything we wanted, it’s rare (as a Recreational Vehicle), it’s safer than a RV, and it’s a great way to upcycle. That’s what we told ourselves as I made my first truly impulsive, life-altering decision.

Three years and many trips later, we’re still adapting to Buslife with EDS. Most things are managed, but every once in a while a bad pain day will require some creative optimization. Luckily I’ve got a great partner who loves to solve new problems and explore new places. Who could have guessed a short bus would be the way to embrace life.

P.S. Nobody ever says, “Hey man, cool RV.”